Friday, July 13, 2012

My name is Sheryl and I was a participant in the initial test marketing group for the Bystrictin natural gastric bypass program. FULL DISCLOSURE: All test subjects were provided with a complimentary 90 day supply of product and provided with a suggested meal plan.   I was told to keep a journal and report at least once a week.


Date Started:  March 12
Beginning Weight: 147
Clothing Size:  10

Today's Weight: 144
Total Weight Loss: 3 lbs.
Okay, it's been my first week taking Bystrictin.  I was only provided the chocolate flavor because they were out of stock on vanilla.  The first two days I mixed the shake with water and it tasted real good. They gave me a blender bottle that works great and mixes it very well. I then tried it with non-fat milk and it tastes amazing. Really creamy and delicious. Can't wait to try vanilla.  Very impressed so far. This stuff really fills you up.  I'm normally not a breakfast eater but still drank one in morning. Didn't really need the morning snack but had anyway.  Afternoon shake kept me full until dinner with the light snack.. Pretty amazing that I only had a total of about 400 calories throughout the day. I had a lighter dinner and a night time snack. Lost about 3 pounds. Probably all water weight but still very excited.

March 26
Today's Weight: 141
Total Weight Loss: 6 lbs.
Second week on the program. Still haven't received the vanilla flavor yet. But the girl in customer service gave me some tips to add variety to the chocolate shake. Adding almond butter was delicious.  But you need to use an electric blender to mix it well. I also tried adding instant coffee grounds. This was also great. Not really like Starbucks but still good. They told me to blend the coffee with ice and it would be more like a Frappucino. I'll try that next. I have to admit these shakes really make you feel full.  Yesterday I had a bit of stomach upset but not too bad. I was told that this is because of the high fiber and my body will adjust. But the good news is that I lost another 3 pounds this week. That's 6 pounds total. My goal was 10 pounds the first month and I'm more than half way there.   I've had a busy 2 weeks so couldn't find time to exercise but will try to walk next week.

April 2
Today's Weight: 139
Total Weight Loss: 8 lbs.
Finally received the vanilla flavor on Friday. Definitely great for a change. Vanilla is also delicious. Very creamy flavor.  I've been skipping my morning snack and blending together with a handful of blueberries. This is great because I love fruit smoothies. I'm going to try raspberries tomorrow. Cheated a bit on my other meals because my husband and I went to a party this weekend.  But I drank a shake before dinner and ate substantially less for my meal. I might try this strategy on the weekends :-) I still lost 2 pounds so it's still working great.

April 9
Today's Weight: 136
Total Weight Loss: 11 lbs.
Lost 11 pounds!!!  I broke my goal of 10 pounds in less than a month. Now it's noticeable. I can totally feel it when I button my jeans.  My family and friends are starting to notice.  I started walking the dog every morning for about 30 minutes but up and down some steep hills in our neighborhood.  Feels like I just don't really think about food like I used to. And I'm just eating much less and not always hungry.  I’m eating small snacks throughout the day, using the meal plans suggestions and making up my own.  I’ve been eating low salt almonds in the evening just for something to munch on. 

April 16
Today's Weight: 135
Total Weight Loss: 12 lbs.
Only lost one pound this week. But it's been a tough week. My son was sick with the flu and I didn't exercise. Kept up with the shakes, but wasn't really able to prepare good meals so didn't eat great in the evenings. I'm actually surprised that I didn't gain a pound or two back.  Had a bunch of evening cravings but stuck to the plan for the most part. Will try to get back to the plan next week.

April 23
Today's Weight: 133
Total Weight Loss: 14 lbs.
Started to walk again in the evenings.  Got back onto schedule with the eating.  Sort of disappointed that I only lost 2 pounds because I really worked hard on the program.  But I guess I shouldn’t complain because I actually feel a lot smaller.  My clothes are fitting much looser and I think I’m now down to a size 8 but I’ll know for sure after I go shopping this weekend J  Discovered a great snack in between the meals. These low carb wheat tortillas. (only 50 calories and 3 net carbs).  I toast them with string cheese and make a quesadilla. Been eating them in the evening and just LOVE them!

April 30
Today's Weight: 130
Total Weight Loss: 17 lbs.
The scale is showing that I’ve lost 17 pounds! I’m very excited.  Haven’t been this size since I’ve had my son.  I’ve heard some people say that it feels like after you’ve been on Bystrictin for a while that your stomach will actually shrink.  It feels like that could be happening. It really doesn’t take much to fill me up.    I deviated a bit last week when I met my friend for lunch.  I drank a shake before I left and just ate a small dinner salad for lunch and was totally full. My friend was shocked at my weight and my appetite.  I gave her some shake mix to try and she loves it.  But I called the company and they’re not yet selling it to the public.

May 7
Today's Weight: 129
Total Weight Loss: 18 lbs.
Only lost 1 pound this week even though I followed the plan.  I think I might be hitting that dreaded plateau that I always hear about.  Really haven’t done anything different, but still losing so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  Have my husband’s reunion next month. My goal is to be 125 lbs. and fit into a size 6 dress.  I contacted the company and was able to purchase some Bystrictin for two of my friends (chocolate flavor only).  They should be starting it this week. 

May 14
Today's Weight: 127
Total Weight Loss: 20 lbs.
One month and 20 pounds!  I’ve never had results like this before even when I did Weight Watchers. I’m about 7 pounds away from my weight in high school.  My favorite jeans are way too big and I now need a belt to hold them up. Crazy! My friend carol just started the program and she’s very excited. She took the powder to her doctor who said it seemed safe and she should try it.  Still trying to get my husband to try it.  He can definitely lose about 20 pounds.

May 21
Today's Weight: 126
Total Weight Loss: 21 lbs.
Tried mixing things up a bit.  For a couple of days I tried a shake for lunch and dinner with snacks in between.  Seemed to work well and ended up eating pretty low calories because I wasn’t too hungry in the evening when the family eats a lot.  I’m going to try this strategy more. I definitely need to start strengthening my abs. Lots of loose skin after losing the fat.  Going to start doing some ab exercises that I found on YouTube.

May 28
Today's Weight: 126
Total Weight Loss: 21 lbs.
Horrible week because Memorial Day weekend. Went to TWO barbecues. Ate like a pig all weekend.  Just maintained my weight. But got tons of compliments from friends and family.  I should probably get a commission or something for referring customers to Bystrictin since I told everybody. The company is apparently out of product because two of my friends are on their waiting list.  I’m glad they shipped me several cases to start.  My husband’s reunion is in two weeks.  I’m going to shop for a new dress this week and hoping to fit into something cute.

June 4
Today's Weight: 124
Total Weight Loss: 23 lbs.
So far lost 23 pounds. I’m very excited. Found a cocktail dress for my husband’s reunion. Actually can just about fit into a size 4.  But I’m going to need to lose about a pound by Saturday J  My friend Victoria went shopping with me and is amazed by my results.  During the week I drank a shake for breakfast and dinner.  It seems to be working well.  Maybe because it’s a change and I now eat a regular lunch.  Then on weekends I do a shake for breakfast and lunch and then eat a regular dinner.  I went out for Sushi last night and ate like half of what I normally eat.  I know my stomach must have shrunk because I got filled up on only two orders of sushi and some salad.

June 11
Today's Weight: 121
Total Weight Loss: 26 lbs.
Amazing time at my husband’s reunion. Saw people we haven’t seen in years.  Got a lot of compliments. I’m almost at my high school weight so I really felt great in my dress. I’m really motivated to continue losing weight. My husband thinks I look perfect (but he even said that when I was fat).  Weather is getting warm so looking forward to buying a new swim suit.  I’ve been blending the choco shakes with a ½ banana this week and ice.  I’m replacing 2 meals a day during the week and usually just one on the weekend. Been substituting a lunch shake for a light sandwich on low carb tortilla (with either turkey or ham, cheese and veggies).

June 18
Today's Weight: 119
Total Weight Loss: 28 lbs.
Well I’ve passed my 3 months on the test program and lost a total of 28 pounds!  I have to say this has been an amazing journey and never expected to lose this much weight so easily.  My goal is to reach 115 pounds.  Just 4 more pounds to go.  I’ve been really starting to exercise now.  For the first time in my life I actually enjoy exercising. I’ll now be placing a reorder of Bystrictin since my complimentary supply is almost gone. My friend Carol has lost 11 pounds already and my sister-in-law has lost almost 15 pounds.  I’m going to continue to make posts on occasion.  Now is the hard part.  Keeping it off.  But it seems like I’ve really trained my stomach to not overeat. 

July 9
Today's Weight: 117
Total Weight Loss: 30 lbs.
Just wanted to post that I reached 30 pounds of weight loss.  Maybe not as impressive as some other Bystrictin users who have lost much more, but this is something I’ve never thought I’d be able to do.  I really look and feel like a new person.  I’m now doing a maintenance program and replacing only one meal a day with a shake.  My only issue is with Century Sciences.  They are not filling orders.  My friend complained about this last month and now it’s happened to me.  I’m even on their auto-shipment program and they sent me an email saying they are back-ordered.  I was supposed to be a VIP auto-ship customer. How can they expect me to stop taking the product?  I’ve even recommended tons of customers so you’d think they would take care of me.  They are supposed to be shipping again next week and promised me complimentary shipping.  You’d think they’d do more.  Oh well.  Hopefully these guys get their act together. They should stop advertising for new customers if they can’t even service their existing ones.  Though Sharon is customer service is a doll. So no offense to you Sharon J